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20130907|捕鱼器价格"It's the Huns. The Huns are coming!" Someone recognized the huns dress, the whole tribe in the face of the huns sudden impact, panic ran around, a moment into a mess."Die!" Go to jin zhitu eyes flashed a ruthless, hands of the mace is a stick, xianbei generals haven't had time to react, was smashed bones and muscles, vomiting blood poured out.The huns tribe has been destroyed, there is no defense.

"Eldest brother, if we save his tribe this time, he will be grateful to us, I will take people to go, forgive the beggar fu tribe, also dare not really war with us. Step root urgent way.A quarter of an hour later, is preparing to close YuanMen he cadre soldiers suddenly felt the ground unprovoked tremor, startled looked up, but saw the distant hills, suddenly fight out a tiger cavalry, a piece of black with a pentium momentum toward this side."Buzz ~"20130907|At that same time, Kui head of the king's tent, step root and a few xianbei chief brows deep lock, as lyu3 bu4 expected, as temuzhen this with five hundred lives destroyed a big tribe legendary will join xianbei king's court, in xianbei king's court to bring great prestige, also let xianbei king's court below those tribes have a sense of crisis.

20130907|"Yes!" Step root promised, will leave.The news of the defeat of the five tribal groupings was a bolt from the blue for Kirby Neng, who was a little stunned."Bold cao thief, dare to hurt my soldiers!" In the desperation of chen xing, a burst of drinking, a team suddenly fight, the first will, eight feet tall, such as jujube, hand a thick back machete waving with a heavy sharp screaming sound, suddenly will coss army rushed away.

"Pip-pip ~""Can a gentleman abandon his promise because of something else?" Zhaoyun sprinkled a smile: "The man was born in the world, there will be practice, how can the poor and rich to talk about people?"Outside the city, when they heard the sound of fighting, lyu3 bu4, pound, ma dai, ma tie's face instantly changed, lyu3 bu4 sword eyebrow a Yang, sink a track: "pound, attack!"20130907|




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