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myjollysailorbold|淮北职业技术"I think it's a little short.""Ordinary people, That's enough, But the magistrate, You can't go out in official clothes all the time, to some celebrity party or something, There's got to be a decent dress, There are county magistrate security issues, county soldiers are paid by the court, but county magistrate side, there must be a few personal, personal salary can't be the same as ordinary officers and men, they are responsible for county magistrate security, want money, always have to have a servant to serve, also want money to support these people, a county magistrate, a dozens of people, expect this point salary to live, enough? Not enough to do, only on the rights of the mind. "Said, fierce eyes staring at patronage, will be in the heart of ghosts patronage to see the gallbladder hair.

As xianbei king's court, a long time ago, once did the huns king's court, the terrain is very dangerous, easy to keep difficult to attack."Yes!" At the moment, lyu3 bu4 after the first world war, has completely established his prestige in the king's court, king's court people no one not to accept, at the moment heard lyu3 bu4 call, called wule soldiers a straight chest, excited victory should be.Huh ~myjollysailorbold|As a person with the soul of future generations, lyu3 bu4 see these problems will not be a barbarian state to generalize, which is caused by two different social forms of inevitable factors.

myjollysailorbold|Lyu3 bu4 stepped on the map, took a machete in his hand, lighted a point on the map: "This is our king's court, this is Jin Lianchuan, if Daxin want to call, must pass a place."But generally speaking, lyu3 bu4 this year's decree promotion is undoubtedly successful, and because each decree under the supervision of the Attorney General, can be well implemented in place, lyu3 bu4 regime's credibility has been unprecedented enhanced, but also won the support of the people, invisible, let lyu3 bu4 under cohesion rose to a level.If lyu3 bu4 as kirby can think of bypassing the shadowy mountain, to harass the rear, kirby can's decision is undoubtedly correct, but unfortunately, he too believe in the woman, or lan zhan too underestimate lyu3 bu4, also make kirby can be unconsciously, lyu3 bu4 released by the fog bombs led to the direction of lyu3 bu4 hope.

Hetao, linrong, when lyu3 bu4 learned that Addis had left the news is ten days later.Ice-cold silver gun pierced the belly of Korea hence, d wolf eyes staring at Korea hence, hand silver gun is stirring up, Korea hence expression began to twist, open mouth want to say what, sent out is a mournful roar."Almost!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at mayi city, smiled.myjollysailorbold|




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