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不要不要顶了好涨不要|健康美增肥丸Was visiting the summer mouth to Chen was trapped in the rain, looking at outside the port by high winds and huge waves rolled up on a port, separate dumped them in the hat, looked around the taciturn generals, he doesn't name in jingzhou, but I'm afraid I haven't a few people know that the whole world, liu2 bei4 can have today's trend, doesn't is because in the sight of the famous generals, for here he stopped jiangdong invasion, jiangdong water army can't silly.In cao cao's estimation, similar to zhuge liang's, lu bu's strategy should be to take the central plains first, then jingzhou and jiangdong, and then enter the middle of shu after the whole world is unified.The bearer was zhuge liang's third younger brother, zhuge ge jun. Instead of going with him to liu bei, he went to travel around shu to find out who was the best.

"Having heard the name of the three generals in shu for a long time, zhang ren is more loyal and brave than he is, but he is not skillful enough. Ling bao is good at fighting and deng xian is good at judging the situation. Pang tong returned the ceremony with a smile. The meaning of this sentence is thought-provoking. Can deng xian judge the situation? Why would a general do that?Even if he is now able to command the ship, at the moment in the face of jiangdong rapid change in the formation of the water army, penetrable infiltration, but also just in the inch of the ground struggling to support, as if in the storm a leaf boat, at any time may be engulfed by waves, this is Chen to life, play the most suffocated, but also the most helpless battle."It is general yan. When general yan heard that chengdu had been conquered, he had surrendered to jingzhou. Now he is under the command of zhuge liang, the strategist of jingzhou. Do not expect these ordinary soldiers to have much loyalty, especially in the current situation of the division of shu, as now these two scouts know deng xian, the two sides are originally fu ze, as long as caught, basically some information can be obtained.不要不要顶了好涨不要|The next morning, the drums in the opposite camp sounded again, and a new day began. Pound began to urge the soldiers in the western regions to go to the city, but the imaginary siege did not start.

不要不要顶了好涨不要|"This...... "Deng xian was stunned and looked at the troops behind wei yan. He hesitated and said," it is just as well that the generals and soldiers should wait."Just as well, as long as today can leave guan yu, again big loss is worth it." Pound did not care about the casualties, anyway, these are hu bing, put it bluntly is slaves, if you can slave soldiers in exchange for guan yu's life, how much value.Langzhong dayying, big account, deng xian and others look at a face face pain pang tong, zhang ren is liu zhang's death, heard the other side was taken down, pang tong should have been happy, but now a face of regret shake his head sigh, let everyone can not help but give birth to a sense of confusion, this ugly ghost which side?

"The report ~""If my husband is not stingy, my sister should really worry about your future." Big Joe laughs sadly, if lyu3 bu4 really don't have any reaction, it proves that the coach in the eyes of lyu3 bu4, remains a plaything, now the whole jstars moved to changan, lyu3 bu4 gasp to survive, if they are sisters lost favour, that, for jstars is a huge blow, even lu bu not to deal with jstars, also won't take care of, the sense of smell keen jstars politicians would never pass the blow."Liu zhang was fateful and tyrannical in the middle of shu. Not to kill is not enough to calm the mind!" Pang tong looked at the crowd and said, "our Lord lv bu, though he was born in the brushgrass, he still CARES about the world. Though the people in the central plains reviled him a lot, all the people in guanzhong still remember his kindness.不要不要顶了好涨不要|




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